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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation basics

Who wants FREE traffic?

The good news is Search Engine Optimisation, isn’t as complicated as is sounds, the bad news is, your website will be lost amongst millions of websites without SEO.

Imagine your website is a billboard, without SEO your billboard is positioned in a desert where no one will see, with SEO your billboard is on a busy High Street where every person wants your product.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the 3 top search engines, each displays websites in order of relevance and authority this is done by checking through the websites content (the words within the website) and the number of links to the website from other high ranking websites. Clear?


OK, basically

  • Great content (relating to you subject)
  • High Quality links to your website (from other websites)
  • And job done (ish)

A little more detail

  • Your website content should use words and phrases used by people who search for your product (if you have a bread making website, you will find a lot of people search for the term “how do I make yeast”). Use that phrase in your content. If people are searching for it, write about it.
  • Build links to your pages, using forums for your websites subject or writing and publishing articles for website such as
  • That’s it, you just need to keep repeating.

That is a basic summary, but there is some much more that can help your site really hit the dizzy heights within search engines.

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